With Brexit, Virtual Reality Companies Must Focus On Talent Now More Than Ever

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Last week’s decision by the citizens of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union (“Brexit”) brings about many questions about how the decision will affect global technology firms. As the top market intelligence firm focused on the virtual reality industry, Greenlight believes the short-term uncertainties and unintended consequences may have significant implications for VR companies seeking to raise capital, … Read More

Webinar Recap: Experts Align on Consumer Trends

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Despite high levels of media, investor and executive enthusiasm, consumers are still just beginning to warm up to virtual reality.   On January 15, 2016, Greenlight VR debuted its yearlong series of webinars designed to address industry trends. The 60-minute discussion titled Understanding Tomorrow’s VR Consumer: A Global Perspective brought together international analysts including Sam Clough, Strategic Insights Director at … Read More

U.S. and UK Kids Show Similar Enthusiam and Concern Over Virtual Reality

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As mentioned in last week’s post, Greenlight VR is expanding its industry leading research to cover additional international markets. Starting with the United Kingdom, we are examining purchase intent, brand awareness, and content preferences among large, statistically significant samples of consumers worldwide. Two Nations Side-by-Side In October, Greenlight VR and Touchstone Research sampled 2,282 respondents as part of the 2015 … Read More