Why Digital Marketers Should Be All In On Facebook Spaces

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Marketing In Facebook Spaces

Last month, Virtual and augmented reality were the highlights of Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference. Among all the announcements from Mark Zuckerberg and Co., Facebook Spaces, a new VR social platform, arguably stole the show. So how does Facebook Spaces work? With an Oculus VR headset and Touch controllers, Facebook Spaces allows a user to: Hang out in VR with up to … Read More

Facebook F8 Recap: Social, Volumetric Cameras, and React VR

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Virtual and augmented reality were the highlights of Facebook’s F8 developer conference. Among the several important updates coming from CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team were Facebook’s first VR social platform, open-source codebase for WebVR developers, and new tools to create augmented reality content, among several other announcements. Alexis Macklin, a Greenlight Insights analyst who covers Facebook, Oculus, and VR/AR trends, created a … Read More

Social Media is Gateway to 360-Degree Video Growth

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Twitter will be releasing live-streaming 360-degree video capabilities to a select number of its users. This is capable through a 360-degree camera that is attached to the phone. The development comes not long after Twitter added live streaming as an option for all users earlier this month. Twitter is following Facebook in its quest to pursue live 360-degree video streaming. Greenlight … Read More

3 Expectations For Facebook’s Evolution of VR/AR

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As part of Sean Whitmore’s analysts regular responsibilities, he covered the conference and has shared his takeaways and potential implications for the future of Virtual RealitiesTM. On Tuesday, Facebook held its annual F8 developer’s conference. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the company’s 10-year road map, including Google Glass-like aspirations along with drones, solar-powered planes and bots.  Here are my conclusions from observing … Read More