Aero: Adobe’s Play for 3D, and The Future of AR

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Following a slew of major product updates and announcements at its annual developer conference, MAX, Adobe continues a years-long trend of subtly but aggressively expanding its offerings into the realm of 3D. Beginning with small but meaningful updates to legacy apps (like the addition of the Skybox 360 video plugin to Premiere Pro) to new products altogether (such as the … Read More

Build 2019: Microsoft Strengthens Foundation For Enterprise Cloud xR

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Beginning on May 6th, Seattle saw Microsoft’s Build developer event unveil a number of important announcements from the tech giant, all reinforcing the service-centric vision pioneered by CEO Satya Nadella. Executives representing Azure, Office 365, GitHub, and others took center stage, focusing on Microsoft’s evolving set of enabling technologies and compelling industry partnerships. In a continuing trend across large technology … Read More

Epic Games Unveils New App Store, Plans To Feature xR Games

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The following is part of our xR Games Intelligence Service, which includes forecasts, data, and key insights about the virtual and augmented reality games market. Epic Games is one of the most well-known and highly regarded consumer brands in the video games industry. Since releasing its debut title in 1991, Epic Games has drastically expanded the scope of activities from being … Read More

Survios and Epic Games Showcase New Techniques at GDC 2017

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Epic Games' VR game Robo Recall is released for free on Oculus Touch at GDC 2017.

Virtual reality had an overwhelming presence at GDC throughout sessions and the expo floor. As a follow-up to VR’s breakout year in 2016, the gaming industry focused on how to improve VR experiences for consumers. Along with several product announcements, VR game publishers showcased new gameplay techniques during GDC 2017. The two games in particular defied what a VR game … Read More