Enterprise AR Solutions Piloting Features for Consumer Markets

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Enterprises utilizing augmented reality create an ecosystem for their employees to customize the way data is visualized while driving innovation in collaborative solutions. Features that are being developed in this sector have the opportunity to disrupt the consumer markets –  ranging from immersive education/training to social experiences that create empathetic collaboration. Consumers can enhance their relationship with AR technology and … Read More

Top Trends from 2017 And How They Will Impact 2018

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2017 Wrap Up Title

Finally passing the trough of disillusionment, virtual reality will finally hit its stride in 2018. We expect major new trends in location-based virtual reality entertainment, standalone headsets, and social content. Standalone Headsets Will Have a Major Impact on Headset Revenues   The industry saw major announcements coming from VR’s top manufacturers. VR heavy hitters HTC and Oculus both announced standalone … Read More

Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream Of One Billion People In VR Can Be A Reality

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Oculus Connect 4

Facebook may be a de facto media company rather than a mere social network, but the “tech” company’s high-profile subsidiary Oculus could be the catalyst for mass virtual reality headset adoption. And it is CEO Mark Zuckerberg who wants to set the pace. On stage at the recent OC4 conference in San Jose, Zuckerberg’s enthusiasm for virtual reality experiences was easy to … Read More

ARKit & ARCore Are Just The Beginning: AR To Go Beyond Gaming

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As an early breakaway hit, Pokemon Go became a phenomenon once it was released. With the releases of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, developers and brands can easily create mobile AR applications now more than ever. But will this new wave of AR application creation be sought after by consumers like Pokemon Go? Consumers Are Excited About Many Types of … Read More

Webinar Recap: Understanding the Virtual Consumer

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Virtual Reality is a hot topic for marketing professionals. One challenge for those who seek to employ this emerging medium for business objectives is there are few thought-leaders in the industry who understand the current state of the technology, consumer attitudes and usage, and how innovative marketers are using virtual reality today. This is why Greenlight Insights held a webinar … Read More

Why Best Buy Is Closing 200 In-Store VR Demos

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Best Buy pulled back on availability of Oculus Rift demos in stores this month. The consumer electronics giant has stopped Rift demos in 200 out of the 500 locations. Oculus spokeswoman Andrea Schubert confirmed demo closures, citing “seasonal changes,” but store associates have said there has been little demand for the demos and minimal sales of the VR headset. Oculus … Read More

Virtual Reality Helps Hyundai Outshine Competition in Super Bowl Ad Lineup

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Leading brands spend millions for a coveted ad spot during the Super Bowl with brands spending as much as $5 million for 30 seconds. While Samsung and Intel prominently featured virtual reality, Hyundai displayed one the most impressive advertisements of f a brand awareness and messaging campaign using VR. Hyundai used VR and satellite technology to show U.S. military troops … Read More