Greenlight Insights Identifies Three Companies Expected to Have an Impact on the AR Cloud Computing Market

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Greenlight Insights today published a Deep Dive report profiling three companies in the Augmented Reality (AR) Cloud market with innovative new technologies or groundbreaking business models. The three companies are 6D.AI, Fantasmo, and Ubiquity6. The AR Cloud is a real-time 3D, spatial map of the world, overlayed onto the real world. Due to the increasing popularity of location-based services, the … Read More

Greenlight Perspective 2020: 5 Bleeding-Edge Technologies Leading Enterprise XR Innovation

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In 2019, the market for cutting-edge immersive technology was driven significantly by adoption from business clients. High-end hardware and software from companies like Varjo and PTC offered compelling evidence for the usability and revenue-generating potential of enterprise xR deployment.  In 2020, Greenlight Insights expects to see significant disruption in enterprise xR from the following emerging technologies: Embodied Computing The intrinsic … Read More

6D.AI Official Release: A Major Milestone for the AR Cloud

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6D.AI, a San Francisco-based startup developing an augmented reality (AR) mapping software, announced a major product milestone on August 27 surrounding the official release of its API. The company included an official business model with the API allowing developers to create applications using 6D.AI to accurately map, track, share, and store data about physical environments.