Market Insights for the Experiential Enterprise

Greenlight Insights offers research, tools, and analysis to help large and small enterprises use virtual and augmented reality to meet strategic challenges.
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Enterprise xR: Immersive Technology Enabled, Customer-Driven.

Companies know they must embrace virtual and augmented reality to differentiate and compete, but too often they start the process at the end – with technology.

Greenlight Insights' research-based frameworks -- enables us to help clients understand and act on VR/AR as a transformative medium in their business. Our Enterprise xR assessment provides clients a roadmap to understand, accelerate and accomplish their business goals.

By combining our strengths in quantitative and qualitative research with our deep domain expertise, we help companies grow faster and smarter in the short and long term.

  • Problems We Solve:

    • How is VR/AR impacting/affecting my industry?
    • Where do I start my transformation journey?
    • How do I transform my brand, marketing, or business model in light of the new wave of technological disruption?
  • Services We Offer:

    • Product Research & Analysis
    • Business Model Innovation
    • IT Architecture
    • Analytics
    • Customer Experience Strategy
    • Marketing Plans and Playbooks
    • Content Strategy


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