Experiential Enterprise Leadership Forum 2020

Boston, MA
April 15, 2020


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While many traditional industry players are looking at AR/VR/XR systems and applications to drive operational efficiencies that will help them reduce their overall cost structure and provide quick ROI, the more progressive companies are starting to utilize these solutions to aggressively enter adjacent industries and market segments.

This event will help delegates to address the following questions:

  • How can organizations successfully deploy AR/VR/XR systems which can actually bring benefits to top and bottom line?
  • What are the opportunities that AR/VR/XR systems present?
  • What use/business cases are driving the market today? And which will drive the market in the future?
  • What are the technological and organizational challenges companies will face?
  • What are the solution vendors providing to address the major challenges within technology and what skilled resources are they providing?
  • Which vendors, enterprises and governments are leading the way and what are they doing to drive this success?
  • What steps your organization should take to embark on this journey?


Join Greenlight Insights for an enlightening discussion on the role of VR and AR in business technology. Hear data-driven insights and a themed panel detailing best practices for exploring and implementing immersive technologies for enterprise applications, with a timely focus regard to applications in remote collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Other topics to be covered include:

  • IoT transformation
  • B2B vs B2C-oriented deployments
  • Market readiness of current VR/AR technology

Event Schedule:

    1:30pm - Registration Open
    1:45pm - Greenlight Insights Research Presentation
    2:15pm - PTC Company Introduction
    2:30pm - Themed Panel
    3:00pm - Networking Break
    3:15pm - Partner Company Introduction
    3:30pm - Research Round Tables
    4:00pm - Open Discussion + Closing Statement
    4:30pm - Networking Happy Hour Session
    5:00pm - Sponsored Reception


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