The Growing Effects of the Coronavirus on the VR/AR Industry

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Chinese stores are closed due to the spread of Coronavirus.

Greenlight Insights analysts have been in constant discussion with the supply chain and vendors in China on the developments and impact of the coronavirus. Here is what we know so far. The latest toll of the coronavirus as of February 5th is as follows: Nearly 500 people have died worldwide and there are 24,600 confirmed cases. There are 147 confirmed … Read More

VR/AR Remote Collaboration & Visualization, 2020

VR/AR Remote Collaboration & Visualization

This report offers a thorough survey of top providers of remote collaboration and visualization solutions using virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as critical guidance for those digital transformation professionals navigating this important technology sector.

Snap 4Q19 Results: Augmented Reality Lenses & Ads Engagement Rise

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Snap Inc.

Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat, reported fourth quarter revenues of $561 million, up 44% year over year. Additionally, Snap’s daily active users for the past quarter averaged 218 million, up 17% year over year. But as Snap’s key business metrics accelerate, how have its investments in its burgeoning augmented reality platform faired?

Spatial Raises $14 Million To Bring Immersive Collaboration To Enterprise

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AR startup Spatial recently announced the closing of a Series A round totaling $14M in funding for the San Francisco-based startup. The round was led in part by familiar AR investor Kakao Ventures, which has previously invested in hardware startups such as LetinAR and Mojo Vision. Spatial markets its solutions as a computing platform unlocking creativity and productivity, and has … Read More Technology At The Edge Could Enhance AR for Apple

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On January 15th, media outlets reported the acquisition of edge computing technology startup by Apple. The Seattle-based company is known for developing AI and machine learning tools for efficient, low power computing environments deployable at the edge. The company is the latest in a long series of technology-focused acquisitions by Apple and is expected to significantly reduce iOS platforms’ … Read More

National Retail Federation 2020: More retailers readying to use immersive technologies to drive customer engagement & operational efficiency

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National Retail Federation 2020- More retailers readying to use immersive technologies to drive customer engagement

The National Retail Federation (NRF) held its annual Retail’s Big Show last week January 12-14 in New York City. NRF 2020 gathered 40,000 attendees to share visionary ideas and new technologies impacting the retail landscape. The Greenlight Insights team tracked the latest immersive technology trends shaping retail emerging from the conference.

Holograms, Digital Domain, and Real-Time Animation: Is The Fusion Of VFX And AR The Next Frontier For The Music Industry?

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Childish Gambino performs song Redbone in concert.

With the growing influence of the experience economy, entertainment is evolving, and looking to compel audiences to leave their homes and endless content-on-demand and purchase a ticket for premium entertainment. The music industry has been navigating this new challenge for years now, by expanding audience sizes through online streaming, and even experimenting with the use of 360-degree video recordings and … Read More