Magic Leap Answers Key Questions, But Raises New Ones

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Magic Leap Machine Learning

Magic Leap held its third online developer event this week, providing key product details AT&T will be the exclusive telecom carrier of the Magic Leap’s first publicly available product, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition Hardware specifications reveal reasonable device power and the new Vignette Effect demonstrates what creators can look forward to Highlights Magic Leap’s recent video broadcast, hosted … Read More

Greenlight Insights Says Enterprise Hardware & Application Software Spending Is Leading VR Market Growth in China

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With a 5-year growth rate of 6.9%, China’s economy is currently outpacing the world and is projected to reach $19.9 trillion by 2022. With China’s government focused on supporting hyper-growth sectors, such as virtual and augmented reality, with accelerated 5G infrastructure and political directives, such as the National Education Planning in the 13th Five Year Plan, it is important to assess, “Is … Read More

Continental Invests in DigiLens, Showing its Ambition to Become a Global Leader in AR Heads-Up Displays

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The following is part of our Enterprise xR Intelligence Service, which includes forecasts, data, and key insights about the commercial use of virtual and augmented reality in various non-entertainment sectors. Automotive technology supplier Continental is increasing its investment in DigiLens Inc., the Silicon Valley-based leader in holographic waveguide projection technology. Continental first invested in DigiLens in 2016, and through a strategic partnership … Read More

Microsoft Layout and Remote Assist: Consolidation, Disruption, Or Both?

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Microsoft HoloLens

The announcement of two new apps coming to Microsoft Hololens users represents a significant shakeup in the current content market for the company’s holographic computer. Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout are indicative of yet another bold refocusing of priorities at Redmond. Lorraine Bardeen of Mixed Reality Workplaces noted that the apps came about as a result of “…expanding our … Read More

Oculus Go: More Bandwidth for Businesses

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The recent release of Oculus’ new standalone VR HMD, named Go, marks a watershed moment for adoption of XR technology. The consensus among journalists and reviewers maintains Go is nothing to write home about in terms of graphical quality or immersion. This is mostly due to the absence of both a high-end LED-based display and 6DoF tracking. However, this conservative … Read More

xR in Enterprise Training 2018

XR in Enterprise Training 2018

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