Greenlight Perspective 2020: How Augmented Reality Will Evolve Alongside the 2020 Mobile Computing Landscape

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2019 saw the beginning of a major wave of disruption in mobile computing in the form of augmented reality. Across entertainment, social media, and business use cases, tablets and smartphones have emerged as the de-facto platform for many different AR applications and yielded immediate business benefits of their massive addressable market. Led by major global stakeholders including PTC, Apple, and … Read More

Greenlight Insights Analysts to Provide Strategic Guidance About Transformative Technologies from CES 2020

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Greenlight Insights, a market intelligence firm providing strategic guidance on the most immersive technologies, is pleased to announce that 4 of our analysts will be available on-site at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2020 from January 7-10 for press interviews and one-to-one business meetings to discuss the most compelling transformative technologies. With an emphasis on immersive technologies, our analysts will focus … Read More

Greenlight Perspective 2020: Themes Defining XR for Out of Home Entertainment in the Year Ahead

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Immersive attractions in out-of-home entertainment expanding quickly in 2019. Lionsgate opened an immersive theme park in China in the summer, built with numerous virtual and augmented reality experiences. Dave and Buster’s continued to expand the role of virtual reality in its venues with new test installations from Virtuix and VRstudios. Dreamscape Immersive opened two permanent locations that routinely sell out … Read More

Greenlight Perspective 2020: Smartglasses in the Year Ahead

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2019 saw continued developments further cementing the position of augmented reality as a transformative trend for computing. Unique releases from companies like Amazon, Bose, and Snapchat have served to broaden and complicate the emerging product category known as “smartglasses” by introducing new key functions and display modalities, such as stereo video capture and augmented audio. In addition, imminent releases from … Read More

CES 2020 Preview: 5G and XR Displays to Headline

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CES Main Greenlight Insights

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is the tech industry’s yearly showcase of innovative hardware and software that will grow to change the future of different consumer industries. As virtual and augmented reality has developed into dynamic markets, the technologies’ presence at CES has grown. Greenlight Insights analyst team gives their predictions of what is to come at CES … Read More