2015 Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map

Greenlight Insights created the 2015 Interactive Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map to clarify the various industry sectors and companies, as well as the relationships between them.

2015 Virtual Reality Ecosystem

The above graphic is the first incarnation of a virtual reality industry ecosystem supergraphic. It represents more than 150 different companies which provide head mounted display and related hardware, production equipment and software, VR apps, research, and technical and other services, organized into 22 categories across 11 major sectors.

The 2015 Virtual Reality Ecosystem Map comes with a caveat: the graphic is not comprehensive. It is a sample, albeit a large one, of the many different kinds of virtual reality companies operating today. There are many more companies — indeed, entire categories — that were not included, merely due to the constraints of time and space. The pace of change in this field is breathtaking.

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